A Simple Mission:

"Remembering The Heroes That Made The Ultimate Sacrifice by Supporting The Veterans Still With Us."

To Remember. To Honor. To Support.

The pain of losing a child is unmeasurable.

When it was preventable, it's worse.

Jaclyn and I are so extremely proud of Jared, and the man, the Marine, he had become. And we miss him. Terribly.

We created the The Freedom 13 Organization to not only remember and honor our son and his 12 fellow American Heroes, but every American Hero that made the ultimate sacrifice.

Our Mission is a simple one - to help our Veterans.

Jared Schmitz Family

After much thought, we decided what better way to keep the memory of Jared, Nicole, David, Darin, Ryan, Hunter, Dylan, Kareem, Rylee, Daegan, Johanny, Maxton,  and Humberto alive than to develop The Freedom 13 Veterans Recreational Villages Project.

Our Vision

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The Freedom 13 Veterans Recreational Retreat Villages Project


50 Camps in 50 States on over 50,000 acres of land with 650 homes being built (13 on each camp) for veterans and their families to use like an Airbnb, but for free.

We will be building Recreational Retreat Camps in each of the 50 states, offering for a place that veterans and their families can use, free of charge, to reconnect, to bond, strengthening old relationships and making new.

Each of the Camps will be a safe haven for veterans and their families, consisting of minimum 13 homes. Each Camp will made up of varying sizes of homes, from efficiency 1 bedroom to multi-bedroom single family homes, to accommodate veterans and their families.

Each unit will offer normal living amenities, and several units will be handicap accessible.

While each Camp will be unique, all Camps will offer a variety of recreational activities like hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking, UTV riding trails, swimming and more. Fire pits, a gazebo and other amenities will make The Freedom 13 Recreational Retreats a great place to recharge and renew.

We'll also be partnering with independent Veteran Service Organizations to bring veteran assistance programs such as:

          ~ Mental Health Counseling 

          ~ Job training, search and placement

          ~ Service dogs placement

To learn more about The Recreational Camps Project, click here

If you'd like to join our camp sponsorship program you can sign up below by clicking donate. All we ask is for a $13/month recurring donation.

The Freedom 13 is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit