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In tribute to the 13 american heroes lost in the kabul, afghanistan attack

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About Our Foundation

After our son; Marine Lance Corporal Jared Schmitz was murdered in Kabul Afghanistan on Aug 26, 2021 it shook our world to the core.  Our son will never get married, have his own children or start his own career path, hell he couldn’t even have a legal alcoholic beverage in his favorite restaurant because he was killed before his 21st birthday. Events of that tragic day swept under the rug for the world NOT to see. This never should have happened….this didn’t need to happen. 

Well we do know what needs to happen. Our veterans and their families deserve to have a fighting chance on our own soil. They need organizations to have their back so with that we formed The Freedom 13 nonprofit.  Our mission is simple….we will help our veterans and their families who sacrificed some if not all of their lives for this country. We have decided to focus on housing and their mental well being.  All veterans are heroes in our eyes; signing on the dotted line was just their first act.  Now that so many have returned home from so many different wars there is no reason anyone of these incredible Americans should EVER be left out in the cold, without shelter, without proper medical care and without dignity. Suicide rate studies show a US serviceman commits suicide every 90 mins of everyday on average which is unimaginable. Things need to change they must change. We have thrown our hat in the ring and have heeded the call to help.

Supporting Our Veterans

It doesn’t seem to matter who is in office, veterans always seem to get put on the back burner. Enough is enough! It is up to us; the citizens, to take control and make sure these men and women are assisted with landing on their two feet and capable of acclimating back into civilian life. No vet will be left behind.

Latest From Freedom 13

Freedom 13 Acquires 2.5 Acres for Veteran Recreational Retreat

The Freedom 13 acquired a riverfront property consisting of 2 ½ acres in Robertsville, MO and plans to develop a recreational retreat for Veterans and their families. The retreat space will allow us to place approximately 20 housing structures on it along with a large...


Featured Projects

For the Love of Jared Marine Fund – Ft. Zumwalt South

The Freedom 13 donated $1,000 to Fort Zumwalt South High School to go towards the For The Love Of Jared Marine Fund which will be rewarded to any Marine from this years graduating class upon their graduation from Marine Boot Camp

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Our Top Priorities

Here is a brief list of the opportunities and programs that our organization focuses on to help our veterans.


Housing the Homeless

Recreational Retreats

Giving Vets a place to go to get away


Working with existing organizations to help with mental health

Service Dogs

Working with existing organizations to help with mental health through service dogs


Helping veterans acquire jobs that fit their skillsets and passions

Upcoming Events



Jared’s Memorial Pub Crawl

Honoring our hero, Jared Schmitz, on what would have been his 21st bday the weekend of 2/25-2/27. Open to all bars and restaurants nationwide



Hats Off To Our Veterans

Our 1st Annual Freedom 13 Gala aboard the Miss Augusta Yacht

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